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Native Flute Tracks -
Playshop Groove Tracks

Release date: September 29, 2009

Official web site:

Total length: 8 tracks / 58:23

Catalog #: MSR-NT20

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Playshop Groove Tracks

Groove and support tracks designed for use by facilitators and leaders of flute circles and music workshops. This CD contains eight tracks that support group warmups and basic music exercises and activities.

Track Samples

Here is a sampler of the first 4 tracks on the CD:

Track Notes

These tracks are designed for group music workshops and music circles to facilitate a warmup and various activities. They are designed so that the facilitator can lead a group through these activities to get musicians warmed up and ready to make music:

  • A. Stretching and gentle movement

  • B. Slow rhythms, body movement, Chi Gong, and rhythmic activities (such as use of a shaker)

  • C. Vocal warmup, call and response, vocal articulation

  • D. Short solos

  • E. Vocal toning over a drone support

The basic outline begins with the track 1 that covers activities A, B, and C above. When you wishes to proceed on to engaging the participants in short solos (activity D), you switch to track 2. This track provides a drum rhythm that leaves space for a short (one bar) solo by each participant. When you wish to proceed to vocal toning (activity E), simply switch to track 3.

If you do not wish to engage the participants in short solos, you can proceed directly from activity C to activity E by switching from track 1 to track 4.

Tracks 5 through 8 are structured exactly like tracks 1 through 4, but have a different set of sounds and a slightly different feel.

Tracks 1 through 4 are done in G and D (G major or minor) and tracks 5 through 8 are done in A and E (A minor, predominantly).


The details of the outlines described above are available in this document in PDF format.


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