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Manifest Spirit Records

... is a music production and licensing comany inspired by the spirit of the music from many cultures, both modern and ancient. Our name is dedicated to the common impulse of all world musicians to bring their spirit outwardly into the manifest world.

Manifest Spirit Records is home to a group of musicians who focus on cross-cultural music as well as improvisation. We manage the process of music recording, mixing, mastering, packaging, replication, and marketing. We also handle on-line sales and fulfillment, and perform rights-management and royalty distribution on behalf of artists.

Please visit our Recordings page for current and in-development projects.

If you are a musician interested in collaborating with us, please contact us.

Manifest Spirit Records publishes music under the International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) of: US-EL5.




Manifest Spirit Music

... is the music publication company associated with Manifest Spirit Records. MSM holds copyrights on behalf of artists and handles collection and distribution of licensing royalties.

Manifest Spirit Music is a member of ASCAP (#118764, CAE#498996943) and is registered with the Harry Fox Agency.

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MSR and MSM.


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