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Flute Haven Journeys

Released: January 1, 2013

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UPC: 8-84501-85052-0

ASIN (Amazon): TBD

Total length: 19 tracks / 67:48

Catalog #: MSR-131

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Flute Haven Journeys
Flute Haven Journeys

Songs from the heart, songs for the soul … from meditative Native American flute to inspired improvisations, recorded during Flute Haven 2012.

The selections on this CD represent the cumulative joyful cooperation, deliberation, and musical gifts of three individuals, Richard Brooner, Dawn Collins, and James Kirk, who were unknown to each other before coming together on this project.

In just a few days time, abilities were discovered and, like the harvesting of the best fruits, we gave to the musical effort what we hoped were our best skills - and had great fun doing it! The entire process was one of discovery, experimentation, and as much refinement as possible within a very short period of recording time.


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